Automotive startups: Next wave in Bangalore?

With 80 million new customers in 2013, the global auto market is a larger than that of wearable and personal fitness devices. Automobiles also collect a large amount of data that can be harnessed to provide feedback/analysis to driver, easier processing of accidental insurance claims, targeting advertising and endless application limited only by imagination.

One of most important ingredient of a startup is finding the right people and Bangalore has few thousand engineers working with Bosch, Continental and Delphi who come with the right skills. The existing ecosystem of entrepreneurs, VCs and success of many tech startups in Bangalore can make it the global hub of automotive startups. Moonraft, a startup in design and technology based in Bangalore, has developed Smartphone based telematic application to control car functions in Mahindra’s electric car.

Apple carplay will also open new opportunities for apps that take advantage of a connected car. Head’s up display will make it lot more safer to read maps and information while driving, needless to say the driverless car seems to be a possibility in near future and may create a complete new market of products.

Some interesting startups

  • Personal Driving Assistant
  • car connected to smartphone

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